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3-part EFT Tapping mini series designed to help you reverse the signs of mental ageing

Most people fear growing older and worry far too much what other people think about them. Meanwhile the media bombards us with images of how we should look and we live in a celebrity mad world gone crazy on Botox!

In part 1 we look at how ageing works, why we look the way we do and how you can reverse the signs of ageing just by changing your beliefs. In this video I share the latest research on how humans age and how the body regenerates complete every 9 years. This suggests that the human body is designed to live forever so why do we all age.

In part 2 we look at how you identify and change limiting beliefs that may be accelerating the signs of ageing and we help you identify and release limiting beliefs that could be ageing you. All human physical experience is governed by the individuals self beliefs. These beliefs are a powerful filter through which life experience manifests. To reverse the signs of ageing you must first become aware of any limitations in your belief system that may be causing ageing. Throughout our lives we pick up many other peoples beliefs about all sorts of things but the big one that everyone believes is that all humans age because we see so much evidence of it all around us. Any physical change in the body first starts in the mind and heart. Make small changes there and you will get very different results. Have you ever wondered why we all look so different? Its because we all have different beliefs about ourselves and they have manifested.

In part 3 we explore a brand new EFT Tap-along that I created to help you change your beliefs about ageing. I have developed 6 key affirmations or self statements designed to create new empowering beliefs that will support your want to look and feel younger.

Affirmations used in this video:
  1. I am youthful, energised and fun loving.
  2. Every day I am looking younger.
  3. Every day my skin regenerates and feels younger.
  4. Every day my body feels younger, healthier and more active.
  5. I resonate with the now, I am young at heart.
  6. I am timeless, ageless and fearless.
Note: Practice this video for at least 30 days and then memorize the affirmations and use them every day for best results.

Remember that you always get exactly what you believe so choose to believe that you are regenerating and feeling younger every day and that will be your experience. You have to believe in yourself to get the results that you desire. Have fun with it!

Your Instructor

David Childerley
David Childerley

Hi there, my name is David Childerley. I am a coach from Cambridge England, with 20 years experience. I believe attitude, work ethic and consistency are crucial to success.

In 2005, I qualified in EFT Tapping (emotional freedom technique) and it changed my life forever. This simple to use tool helped me develop my attitude to succeed.

EFT Tapping or the emotional freedom technique is a personal development technique approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) and is like acupuncture but without the needles. In simple terms, acupuncture points are tapped while the mind focuses on positive change.

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